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What is Drops of Aid Campaign?

It is a fundraising campaign that allows us to support assistance programs we have developed for 34 years in order to contribute to the welfare of children with cancer. Each drop will cost Bs. 20.000,00 and can be donated using a credit card at www.gotasdeayuda.com. You can also make a bank transfer or a bank deposit. The goal is to raise more than 100.000 drops which will help us to continue fulfilling our mission and objectives.

How can you guarantee the raised money will be actually invested in the foundation and its patients?

We are a 34-year-old institution with a well-known trajectory that gives children and adolescents up to 18 years of age that are cancer patients the means they need to diagnose and treat the disease.

This campaign seeks to take full advantage of technology to make donating an innovative and easy experience for our donors in order to raise the funds we need. Many collaborators and prestigious companies have joined our cause so as to make it possible to provide high safety standards regarding donations by electronic transactions.

Is this a permanent program? How long does it last?

This institutional campaign will take place every year. It will last three months which is the period of time we estimate it will take to achieve our funding goal.

How long will this campaign last?

This campaign will last 3 months: from April 11th until July 11th 2018.

If the fundraising goal is achieved, will the campaign be over?

The campaign will take place within the estimated period of time (from April to July 2018). If we reach our fundraising goal before the estimated period of time, it will be a great achievement. All the additional funding will still be invested to the benefit of our little and young cancer patients.

How can I contribute? Which website should I visit?

Donations shall be made by electronic means using a credit card or making a bank transfer.

You should log on to the website directly by typing www.gotasdeayuda.com. You will be able to make a payment with a credit card, deposit, or transfer to any of the authorized entities.

You can also go to the foundation web site (www.fncancer.org.ve) where you can use a link to access the fundraising campaign Gotas de Ayuda at www.gotasdeayuda.com.

I don’t have a credit or debit cards of the listed banks. How can I still participate?

If you want to participate in the program without using a credit card, you can make a deposit or bank transfer to:

Fundación Amigos del Niño con Cáncer
RIF J-31193531-2
Banesco/Checking account # 0134-0031-85-0313070131
Email address: funamigo@cantv.net

Once you have made the bank deposit, log on the website www.gotasdeayuda.com and register your contribution so it can be confirmed and your drop(s) of aid be accounted for.

Will I receive any kind of confirmation for my contribution?

If you make your contribution on the website "Gotas de ayuda", our system will automatically send the confirmation to your email address.

If you make your contribution by a bank transfer or deposit, you need to fill out the form that appears on www.gotasdeayuda.com to register and confirm your contribution.

Will I receive any confirmation for the contribution made?

If you make your contribution directly on the page "Gotas de Ayuda" our system will automatically send you your email, confirmation of the contribution made.

If you do it by bank transfer or deposit, you must complete the form that appears in www.gotasdeayuda.com to register your contribution and be able to confirm it.

Will my credit card be logged?

No, Your membership is the only thing that will be logged in our point of sales system "Gotas de Ayuda". Next time you want donate, you won’t have to log in again.

Can I donate several times? Will I have to log in for each donation?

After you log in for the first time, you won’t have to do it again. You can donate as many drops as you wish and as many times during the campaign.

Can I still donate after the campaign is over?

If you wish, you can continue your monetary contribution to our foundation to the authorized accounts (via transfer or deposit). You could also continue donating if you’ve already logged on the foundation website www.fncancer.org.ve

If I use my credit or debit card, does that mean I am accepting direct debit? Will you make unauthorized direct debit?

Your contribution will reflect the number of drops you authorize or indicate. Contributing with one "Gotas de Ayuda" to our foundation is a one-time transaction; therefore, your voluntary electronic donation will be only for the number of drops you decide to pay for in that moment.

Is the platform InstaPago/Banesco safe enough for electronic transactions? How do I know it is not a fraud?

La plataforma de InstaPago/Banesco platform has the best practices and security standards of the bank industry; besides, it has earned two certifications worldwide by renowned firms that guarantee confidentiality and integrity of the payment transactions.

Will there be any additional cost involved if Making donation payment button is used?

No. Electronic transactions can be done at no cost.

I want to volunteer to help collect Drops of Aid. How can I do it?

Excellent! You can encourage people from your community, school, enterprises, and friends from the media or social networks to join "Gotas de Ayuda" campaign visiting the website www.gotasdeayuda.com

How can I follow Fundación Amigos del Niño con Cáncer in social networks?

Twitter/Instagram/Youtube: FNCancer
Facebook: FundacionAmigosDelNinoConCancer

We also have the program "Gotas de Ayuda" @GotasdeAyudaVE on Twitter and Instagram and Gotasdeayudave on Facebook.

Do you have an email address or a telephone number to contact Fundación Amigos del Niño con Cáncer?

Telf: (+58 212) 575.46.10 / 577.47.10 / 577.44.12 / 0212-577.47.23
Email Address: funamigo@cantv.net




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