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Fundación Amigos del Niño con Cáncer


Fundación Amigos del Niño con Cáncer (Friends of Children with Cancer Foundation) is a non-profit organization that was born in August 1984 from concerned parents and doctors of children with cancer from "Hospital de Niños J.M. de Los Ríos" in Caracas with the support of some benefactors in order to offer integral assistance to children with cancer, help to improve their quality of life, and lend needy families a friendly hand.

The Foundation assists children and adolescents within 0 and 18 years of age suffering from oncologic diseases that have been referred from hospitals in the country. They provide the necessary means to diagnose and treat their diseases.

This assistance consists of: anti-neoplastic and support drug supplies; tomographies, magnetic resonance images, bone gammagrams, catheters, special tests, prosthetics; accommodation, shelter, and adequate food at Albergue Mi Casita; daily transportation to hospital centers and their initial locations/places of departure; pharmacy, nutritional and psychological support, extended to the children’s family group; recreational, educational and formative activities; even funeral expenses, if any.

Learn everything about the foundation using the following link: http://fncancer.org.ve

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cesar QUINTERO, Monagas.

con tu aporte le devolverás la sonrisa a un niño con cáncer

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Que sigan llegando mas gotas para estos Angeles.

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